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Lokoto is a futuristic clothing brand founded by Lena Anikeeva, the founder of the Pixies graphic design studio.
Many years of experience as an art director translated directly to objects: approaching clothing as architecture - silhouette, strict lines and comfort are primary. The entrepreneurial experience is reflected in the brand ideology.
LOKOTO Girl Manifesto
We see the future as generative art. We do not mind getting showing some naked body and still be in charge. We love and deserve to wear “clothes not for everyone”.
Signature item of the brand.
We make jewelry in collaboration with Moscow jewelers, using 925 sterling silver and manual labor. This is our statement on the topic of minimalism and futurism, the tiara is a symbol of the modern princess - strong, independent, but still romantic.
We are planning to launch a men's line soon. Regardless of gender, Lokoto is clothing for radical self-expression. We emphasize: women and men are equal, but different. Clothes of freedom, in which you can go to a business meeting and then trample the cosmic dust in the desert at a wild rave.
You can be a founder, columnist, artist, activist. And a little exhibitionist, because we love naked body parts.